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Nel's New American Dictionary

action-packed [ak-shuhn pakt]

Filled to capacity with utter amazingness, such as explosions and awesome chase scenes: Wow, that movie was action-packed!

communist [kom-yuh-nist]

  1. Of or pertaining to the Communist party
  2. An epithet designating something ugly or distasteful in some way: You’re leaving the house wearing that communist hat?

dantified [deyn-tee-fied]
Possessing an inordinate fear of wetting one’s paws: Anthony, why do you have to be so daintified?

realistic [ree-uh-lis-tik]

  1. Resembling or simulating real life: a realistic decoy
  2. Really awesome and probably not resembling real life in the least. Usually used in conjunction with “action-packed”: I thought the light saber duel was pretty realistic and action-packed.

saucmx [saw-see-m-ex]
A word to describe the otherwise indescribable

smexy [smek-see]
A word to describe something that is really, um, yeah…wow: Well, I thought the dress was pretty smexy.

snazzy [snaz-ee]
Reminding one of something covered in large amounts of sequins or rhinestones

unnecessary [uhn-nes-uh-ser-ee]

  1. Not necessary or essential
  2. Causing my brother displeasure or irritation

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