ramblings and writings of a southern hobbit

The Best Things In Life Are $19.95 Plus Tax

$19.95 plus taxDo you want to know the real reason I don’t post more on my blog? I’m a perfectionist. A lazy one. I want my blog to be shiny and cool, but–alack and alas–lack the skills necessary to create shininess and coolness.

I go to my edublogs dashboard. After playing around with different themes and looking at the widgets page, I see an interesting link in the sidebar I had not noticed before. It’s labeled “plug ins.” Hm, interesting. I click on it.

It’s a page of shiny applications! One makes snow magically fall across your pages… another, the “greet box,” gives different messages to visitors…it’s a veritable mine of shininess and coolness! And I don’t even have to use HTML! Score! I’m feeling fairly exclamatory.

I click “activate.” The following message appears: “Edublog supporters get to experience the full potential of blogging in education. Read on to find out more….” I have been thwarted. It seems the best things in life aren’t free after all. They’re $19.95 plus tax.


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