ramblings and writings of a southern hobbit

Overheard at Work

Next to the white board at the office where I’m working this summer, there is a list of quotes. All you have to do to get on the list is say something funny enough that everyone in the office laughs and somebody types it up in the Master List of Funny Office Quotes. Here are a few of the things that have made in on the list.

  • I wasn’t sure whether I felt lame or awesomely rebellious.  (Me relating the time I brought a Dell laptop into an Apple store. **Note: This is my first funny office quote ever.)
  • Just wear your swimsuit and a wife-beater. (In answer to an inquiry about the dress code for a work party.)
  • It feels like being inside an onion, only the onion is cutting you. (In an attempt to describe what it feels like to get pepper juice in your eye while taking out your contacts.)
  • If I see one more company “going green,” I’m going to burn tires in my backyard! (During a conversation on environmentalism.)
  • Just beat the hooey out of ’em! (On childrearing.)
  • If only we had brown paper bags and markers. . . . (On clothing.)

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