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AlbertMohler.com – The Anguish of Abraham Lincoln: A Conversation with Eric Foner

In honor of Abraham Lincoln’s birthday, I thought I’d share this interview from Albert Mohler’s podcast “Thinking In Public”. The conversation is with Reconstruction historian Eric Foner. I discovered Eric Foner last semester while writing a paper for my Southern history class on Abraham Lincoln and the South during Reconstruction. I loved what I read, so I was pretty excited when I found this interview. Dr. Mohler and Dr. Foner discuss Foner’s most recent book, The Fiery Trail: Abraham Lincoln and American Slavery.

The interview briefly touches on the fact that Abraham Lincoln, the man who issued the Emancipation Proclamation, was at the same time a racist. Here’s what Dr. Mohler had to say at the end of the interview:

When it comes to a sin like racism, we come to understand that Abraham Lincoln was stuck in his times, stuck in his prejudices, and stuck in his worldview.  The only rescue is the gospel of Jesus Christ.  And that’s why we have to come to understand that racism is not something that can be solved in purely secular terms.  The anecdote to racism is not political or ideological.  It’s the understanding that every single human being is equally made in the image of God.

In what ways are we stuck in the prejudices and worldview of our times? Whatever ways those are, the only answer is the gospel.