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Tripping in the Rain

Singing in the Rain poster

I knew it would be a bad day when I woke up this morning and it was raining.

Ordinarily, I like rain. But rain means one other thing–my umbrella. And I have to confess something. I’m clumsy. Really clumsy.

A regular school day is bad enough. I have to carry my school bag, and for whatever reason I can’t seem to keep it on my shoulder. (It always slides off and stops where my elbow bends and cuts off my circulation.) A school day in late fall or winter is worse because I have my coat (which I can never seem to put on or off gracefully and which makes my school bag even harder to keep on my shoulder).  But the worst days are cold rainy fall or winter school days when I have my school bag, my coat, AND my umbrella.  And that’s bad. Really, really bad.

Take, for example, this morning. I came out of the dining common more or less successfully wearing my coat, keeping my school bag on my shoulder, and carrying a travel coffee mug, a brown bag with my breakfast in it, and a styrofoam cup of juice. Then I pulled my umbrella out of the umbrella stand. That’s when I knocked two cell phones on the ground and somehow got someone else’s bag caught in my umbrella.

As I stood staring at the ground, trying to figure how on earth I was going to pick up two cell phones when I was already wearing my coat, keeping my school bag on my shoulder, and carrying two cups and a bag full of breakfast, a girl behind me said, “Uh, excuse me, but can I get my  bag off of your umbrella?” That’s when my school bag slipped off my shoulder.