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The Galactic Council

The Galactic Council has grown a lot in the past twenty years. When it first got started there was only my brother and a teddy bear.

High Councilman Belton and Councilman Siggy

The Galactic Council is commited to preserving the peace, prosperity and harmony of–well, the galaxy. How does it do this? Quite simple: by talking about random stuff.

The Galactic Council

COUNCILMAN BELTON: By order of the Galactic Council, peanut butter is hereby declared superior to all lunchmeat.

COUNCILMAN ASHLEY: Actually, I prefer chicken. You know the good kind with the little bits of seasoning?


ME: I kind of don’t care.

COUNCILMAN BELTON: Peanut butter has just been declared superior!! You *have* to like peanut butter best!!!

COUNCILMAN REBECCA: I like peanut butter and jelly.

COUNCILMAN BELTON: No!! No jelly!! Just peanut butter!!!


ME: Anyone want to watch Star Wars?

High Councilman Belton discusses important issues

Generally, sessions of the Galactic Council degenerate into name-calling, like this:

COUNCILMAN ROSE: So, I saw a bird today.

ME: A bird? Cool.

COUNCILMAN BELTON: Order, Councilmen! The fate of the Universe is at stake!!

COUNCILMAN ASHLEY: The fate of the universe? Lame.

COUNCILMAN BELTON: Ashley, you don’t even know.

COUNCILMAN ASHLEY: Your MOM doesn’t even know.

COUNCILMAN ROSE: Belton’s mom is your mom.

COUNCILMAN ASHLEY: Well, your face is ugly!!

COUNCILMAN ROSE: At least *I* have a neck!!!

COUNCILMAN ASHLEY: Go die in a fire and burn!! *tries to hold back tears, but can’t* I’m not crying!! I just have allegies!! I’m allergic to…. your face!!!

The Galactic Council…saving a Universe near you!